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Fall Pies & Tarts


Fall pies & tarts

When the leaves turn, so do our appetites: from barbecue and cookout foods to casseroles, comfort foods and rich flavors of fall. Greet the season with open arms (and mouths!) with apple to maple pecan pies.

Get Cooking:

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Pies & Tarts – Submit your best pie recipe, and you could win $500!


Contest Deadline – March 31, 2013

Top Prize: $500

Of all the sweets in the world, the pie stands alone in its universal appeal. The smell of baking apples, the bubbling of cherries, the vision of mile-high meringue make us hungry for pies and tarts.

Does your recipe feature seasonal ingredients like apple or pumpkin? Do you have a secret family ingredient, or a recipe that’s a family tradition? To enter, simply send us your best pie or tart recipe with 12 ingredients or fewer, and tell us the story behind your pie or why you love it. You could win $500.

Show us your pies or tarts in these categories:

  • Fruit Pies: They can be round, square, mini or hand-held pies. Single fruits or combinations are fabulous. We like classics but love new flavors too, so feel free to add cheese to the crust or herbs and spices to the fruit.
  • Tarts: Thinner than pies, tarts showcase great pastry crust. Use this category for full-size, min-size or hand-held versions.
  • Custard, Cream or Nut:┬áHere’s a category for those mouthwatering pecan pies, chocolate cream pies, pumpkin pies and regional favorites like buttermilk, silk or vinegar pies. Got a great hybrid, like a layered pie of nuts and custard? This is your chance to show off.

Contest Rules

You may enter more than one recipe. If you email or mail your recipe, be sure to print the name of the contest as well as your full name, street address and phone number, including area code, with each entry. Be specific with measurements, directions and the size of cans, packages and pans so others can successfully make your recipe. Include a few words about the origin of your recipe. Share any compliments it’s received, plus any variations you recommend. If any duplicates are received, the entries with the earliest postmarks will be considered.

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