Apple Galette With Cheddar Crust

4th Of July, Apples Cheddar Dessert, Desserts, Galette, Independence Day Pie, Rustic Pie

Domesticated Academic

Apple Cheddar Pie {Domesticated Academic}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Nothing is more American than apple pie right? But who wants to mess around w/ the precision work of making a pie? Me neither….You could make this with pre-made crust and sprinkle the cheese around but making a rough crust might be the way to say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!” this year! A flaky crust that is slightly sweet and savory, combined with sweet apples and baked to perfection. Sound like a dream or just dessert? You’ll love this rustic dessert because it’s very much a pie but without all of the proper crust etiquette involved. I had a ‘cheese themed’ dinner to attend and dessert was on my hit list. I had wanted to try an apple cheddar rustic pie but had not had an occasion to make one. This seemed like the perfect excuse. I grew up in a pie making house. My grandmothers are both…

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