Apricot and Lemon Frangipane Tart

Victoria Sponge, Pease Pudding

Apricot and Lemon Fragipane Tart

Oh spring, where have you gone?

Just this week, after a particularly miserable Wednesday in more ways than one, a magnificent Thursday followed all at once. Bright blue skies were matched by a soft breeze and Aberdeen’s granite cast pools of cold shadows on the pavement. I was dashing around this wonderful city in the morning, my little phone serving as my dictaphone as I chatted and laughed with some wonderful people with intriguing stories to tell. I sipped a beautiful Lavender Citrus iced tea, squinted my eyes in the sunshine as I sucked on a Caramel Frappuccino (first of the year!) and talked and talked. It’s funny to think in this little old job of mine, talking is at the very centre of what I do.

So when this glorious day disappeared as the wind whipped against the side of the flat, creating cows’ licks at the sides of…

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One thought on “Apricot and Lemon Frangipane Tart

  1. Sounds wonderful.

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