Heart-Shaped Egg Tarts

Sweet Samsations

Wait! Isn’t Valentine’s Day over? Why are you still making these cute-looking heart-shaped egg tarts?! Well, unbeknownst to many, White Day is actually just around the corner! It is observed by some Asian countries and occurs on March 14th, just one month after Valentine’s Day. I actually don’t celebrate White Day but I just wanted an excuse to make more heart-shaped baked goods! Call me ditzy but heart-shaped goodies should legally be appropriate at any time of the year 😛 (Yeah, you know what’s coming up)

Egg tarts had always been on my to-bake list. I had some leftover tart dough from a previous bake and decided to attempt this 10 minutes custard. After reading Shirley’s post on her Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts, a strong sense of NOSTALGIA fell upon me. It’s true! Nostalgia just makes anything taste infinitely better. This is why most people love Mummys’ cooking…

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2 thoughts on “Heart-Shaped Egg Tarts

  1. maralynhill

    These look good.

  2. maralynhill

    Very nice and the recipe sounds good.

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